Make sure you didn’t miss out on anything and build your conversations to come on your cash collection history.

Taking over a teammate’s work during their holiday or juggling with a gazillion accounts? All your interactions with your clients—overall or per invoice—are centralized on Upflow. Go through past exchanges, review commitments, confirm your reminders were read…forget about browsing your CRM for hours, navigating between tools or chasing your colleagues: all the resources you could need are accessible from the same place!

Jump on any Customer or Invoice details and click on Timeline above the menu on the right-hand side of your screen.

What will I see?

Actions History

Content: Every minuted phone call or reminder (email, letters) sent from Upflow is available here to read, from the most recent to the earliest.

Details: Find out who performed each action and when. Do two of your colleagues have the same initials? Hover your mouse over an action owner to display their full name!

Action status: Check whether your mail (electronic and postal) has been received, opened or failed to be delivered.

Attachment(s): Download the PDF version of the attached files.


Skipped actions are logged, along with the time they were canceled and their owner.

You will only be informed of postponed ones temporarily, while the workflow is paused.

Your customer’s replies

If you have set up the replies import, your customer’s answers to your reminders will automatically be added.

Payment details

Every completed transaction is displayed on the related timelines, linked to the associated invoice and its due amount; along with the transaction timestamp. Click on the invoice line to access its details.

Collection status

If a collection was paused for a customer, the information will be displayed at the very beginning of their Timeline. This mention will disappear as soon as the process is restarted.

What can I do?

Comment and mention

Ease your account management with notes; or draw your teammates’ attention by mentioning them to trigger a notification (email, slack, or only in-app).

Pin / unpin

Highlight essential information and make them easily accessible at any time by clicking on the pin next to any note (this doesn’t apply to other timeline events). It will add a pin logo next to your customer’s name; and display the selected comments when hovered over. Undo it in the same way from the timeline or the pinned notes.

Reply to your customer

Save time sending emails directly from Upflow. No need to jump from one inbox to another searching for the right thread—find any email you want to follow up on in your timeline, and hit Reply.

You will be redirected to the *Action editor—*as when setting an action out of the blue, except you won’t be able to change its type. Compose and format your reply, make sure the right parties are looped in (you can even add custom addresses), attach a file if needed, and voilà!

The email will be sent from the member who performed the action and include the exchange history, and your customer’s answer will be added to the timeline—if you enabled the reply-import that is!

❗ Please note your email will be considered an action if you have an ongoing workflow with this customer and could postpone the next action to respect the defined minimum contact delay.

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