When managing your Actions to create the perfect communication with your customers, pick the type of each reminder you want to send through your cash collection cycle. Combine multiple channels to serve your goals—escalating for instance from emails to phone calls—and get better results!

You will be able to choose between automatic and manual actions. The first type will roll in the background with nothing else but their setup to do; while the second implies a validation from their owner.

You can set them from your Workflow configuration panel, either by clicking on one that was already created or adding a new one.

Automatic emails

The only automated reminders you can set, they will be sent out following the conditions you defined (trigger and minimum contact delays).

They are convenient for your least formal communications—like the first stages of your cash collection process where the interaction cannot easily become sensitive.

Manual actions

Displayed on the Actions tab from their due completion date, they are to be manually confirmed by their owner(s).

Manual emails work in a similar manner to automatic ones. There is no need to assign a sender, though: it will be sent from the address of the member who performs the action.

Phone calls come in handy to touch base if emails failed to get you the expected reaction. Draft a script for the action’s owner to follow - they will, in turn, have the possibility to share their notes on the exchange!

Letters allow you to eventually adopt a more formal tone—you can even opt for registered letters— if, for instance, you decide to send a Past due notice. Please note this is a paying feature.

💡 Once completed, your actions’ details will appear in the impacted customers and invoices’ timelines. You will also be able to monitor the monthly use of each fro the Analytics tab.

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