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What happens to my contacts when I enable my Salesforce integration?
What happens to my contacts when I enable my Salesforce integration?

When reconciling your contact information from various sources, Upflow will follow certain rules.

Written by Dacha Kortes
Updated over a week ago

❗ Contact information can only be imported from one source at a time. You will thus need to enable/disable your Salesforce integration based on where the most recently updated elements are - your CRM or your billing tool!

When enabling your Salesforce integration, the CRM contact information will be mirrored in Upflow.

  • Discrepancies will be fixed

  • If you create a contact in Salesforce, it will appear on Upflow

  • If you delete a contact in Salesforce, il will be removed from Upflow

Contacts’ title and position

Each customer has one main contact. This status will automatically be allocated to the first contact created—regardless of its origin.

We will pull information from your Salesforce contacts’ Title field and display them on Upflow, under each contact’s name. They’ll also each be granted a position you’ll be able to designate as a recipient to your reminders.

These information will be displayed on your contacts list in your customers’ details.

Both the main status and the contact position can be updated manually.

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