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How to set up a Chargebee integration?
How to set up a Chargebee integration?
Written by Dacha Kortes
Updated over a week ago

From your Integrations page, click on the Connect button under Chargebee, and on Continue from the page you were redirected to.

Pick your currency, and fill in your Namespace - you will find it in your Chargebee account URL, right before

Here, it would be demo-account

Click on the generated link.

👉 You will always be able to access it later from the Configure Chargebee page of your Chargebee settings (under Api Keys).

Click on Add API Key...

...and create one with a Write, Full-access by selecting these options from the menus you will be taken through.

Give it a name of your design before saving it by clicking on Create Key.

And copy it from Chargebee…

…into Upflow.

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