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Sage Intacct and Upflow
Synchronize Upflow with Sage Intacct
Synchronize Upflow with Sage Intacct

Connect the solutions in 4 steps to upload your Sage Intacct information into Upflow and get your payment details sent back into your ERP!

Written by Dacha Kortes
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Managing your accounting with Sage Intacct? Easily synchronize its data with Upflow and keep your invoice information up to date for a top-notch cash collection thanks to our native integration.

You need 10 minutes, and both solutions—Upflow and Sage Intacct—to run as you’ll be navigating from one to the other.


From Upflow…

Initiate your organization creation process: name it, click on the Connect button on the box of your integration of interest, and let us guide you through the integration process.

The information you’ll first be asked for are your Sage Intacct company ID and your default currency.

The former is accessible in your ERP General information tab, under Company information. In the example below, the ID is UpflowMPP-DEV.

Fill it in, select your currency and click on Continue.

…to Sage Intacct…

Access your Company configuration panel from the Company tab of your Company menu.

Jump to the Security tab and scroll down to your Web services authorizations section to add the Sender ID generated on Upflow.

Now let’s set up a role in your ERP, granting us the rights to exploit the data needed to execute your cash collection operations properly!

Make sure it has full permission for

  • Company

  • Account receivables

Last but not least, we need an Upflow user that will read and fill in all necessary data.

Access your Company tab from your Applications menu and click on Web services user.

Fill in the required information.

We suggest you use Upflow as a value for all three fields (User ID, Last name, and First name), for simpler identification and management further down the line. Email address?

…and back

Continue through the onboarding form until required to share your User ID and password.

Fill in these information and *****************Start using Upflow!

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