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How to arrange my list views to my liking?
How to arrange my list views to my liking?

Display your accounts, invoices, and payments information you need in the most practical order!

Written by Dacha Kortes
Updated over a week ago

All of the elements you can manage on Upflow are listed in their dedicated tabs (Members, Customers, Invoices, Transactions). You can rearrange them to display the information you are interested in seeing, and take bulk actions on several items.

At the bottom of their list, you will find a summary of the filtered information—the number of displayed items, and their due or outstanding amount (hover your mouse over the conversion symbol to display it in different currencies). This, of course, doesn’t apply to your Members’ view!

You can manage what you see from the top of the page.

  • Display items based on a keyword using the Search bar, or on conditions from the Filter feature.

  • Select the items you want to take the same action on by ticking their box, at the beginning of the line. The name of the Action button on the top right corner will change to offer additional possibilities.

  • Sort by the property you’re interested in by clicking on its name.

  • Hide/display columns by clicking on the gear, under the action button, on the right. Toggle the ones you want to see.

  • Arrange their order from the same menu, clicking on the two lines next to their name and dragging them up and down.

Your rearranged views only apply at your account level and won’t affect your teammates.

  • Your filters will be reset as soon as you refresh the page unless you save them as views. To do so, click on the view name on the top left corner of the list, and select Create view. Give it a name, and that’s it! You will now be able to access your saved filters with a click!

Each list has its specifics (saved views, exports, create items…). Learn about them in their dedicated articles!

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