Can I limit my reminders’ frequency?

Make sure your customers are not over-solicited by configuring a minimum delay between two actions.

Written by Dacha Kortes
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An action setup implies the configuration of a trigger—a delay under which it will be executed. Defined based on the carrying invoice’s emission/due date, it doesn’t take the time since the previous action before the following.

Add a safety net to prevent your customers from being solicited too often by setting up a minimum contact delay between two actions. It will postpone an action’s execution when it’s too close in time to its predecessor.

Configure up to 30 days between two actions from a workflow’s configuration panel.

Any action set to be triggered under the minimum contact delay will be pushed back to make the workflow compliant.

And in practice?

Let’s imagine the following Workflow…

… and apply a minimum 5 days contact delay.

  • Action B will be postponed by 1 day as it is set to be triggered only 4 days after Action A.

  • Upflow will then recompute the workflow and - since there are now 3 days between Action B and C - also push back Action C by 2 days.

💡 A manual action completed later than supposed to will have the same effect.

The Workflow is now compliant: there are always at least 5 days between two actions!

❗Actions following one that has been postponed will not be pushed back if their trigger date respects the minimum contact delay.

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