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Automate your customers' payments
Automate your customers' payments
Written by Dacha Kortes
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❗ This feature is available for Credit Card, ACH and SEPA debit.

Do you run regular operations with some accounts? Skip the chase and get paid on their invoices’ due date with the Autopay feature.

Please note you cannot activate it on behalf of your customers. Your contacts can manage it from their Upflow Portal (link in their details). They can enable it by clicking the Pay now button (❗Only available when they have pending unpaid invoices).

They’ll be invited to fill in a payment method and specify whether they want to save it for future transactions (default choice).

And that’s it!

This operation is reversible by clicking the cross next to the saved method's name from both the Customer's Portal and their Details.

Feature specifics

From thereon, invoices will be paid on their due date from thereon. Their amount (minus applied refunds and credit notes) will be debited from the saved payment method.

Existing overdue invoices

Pre-existing overdue invoices will be paid 48 hours after the payment method is saved.

Your customers will be unable to intervene (including selection) on them after enabling the feature to prevent double payments.


Invoices created under 2 days before their due date are an exception. In such cases, your customers will be charged 48 hours after the document's creation, leaving them time to react if need be.

❗ It is not possible to exclude invoices from the process.

Promises to pay at an ulterior date do not postpone the payment, and amounts due for disputed invoices will be collected.


Notifications will be sent to the email filled in while setting the payment method.

  • 2 days before each debit (with the possibility of canceling the authorization)

  • When the payment is initiated

  • If the payment fails (the customer's account manager will be copied)

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