SMS Reminders: pricing
Written by Dacha Kortes
Updated over a week ago

Want to send more personal yet friendly payment reminders?

Incorporating SMS into your cash collection strategy is the way to go.

With SMS actions in Upflow, you can now send direct text messages to your customers in just one click — anywhere in the world.

The best part? SMS are incredibly affordable, and you only pay for what you send!

Our SMS pricing relies on 2 main components:

  • number of “segments” (= length) of your message

  • destination country of the recipient

A “segment” corresponds to:

  • 160 characters if the message does not contain special ones like emojis or chinese characters (153 if multiple segments in the same message)

  • 70 characters otherwise (63 if multiple segments in the same message)

Pricing per segment varies for each destination country, for example:

  • US*, Canada: $0.02 per segment.

  • UK: $0.05 per segment.

  • France: $0.09 per segment.

  • Other countries: variable; contact us for details.

Please note that only outbound SMS are supported for now.

*carriers supported: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular.

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