Get paid via Upflow
Written by Dacha Kortes
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Allow your customers to pay you from their Portal by sharing your information on the Payment Methods tab of your Organization settings.

Click on Add payment method, and pick your preferred one(s) among

💡 Your customers using Credit Card, ACH and SEPA debit can automate their payments and be charged on their invoices’ due date.

Before saving, define whether you want to activate this method for all new customers (created after the setup). This can be reverted

  • at a customer’s level (toggle the Payment method in the dedicated section of their details)

  • from the customers’ list (filter and select the ones to update, and click on Actions in the top-right corner)

Once saved, it will be available to the desired Client(s)’ on their Portal(s).

You can also filter your customers’ list by Payment method(s) and check their status!

Payments update on Upflow

Please note online transactions only (Credit card and direct debit, performed on the Portal) appear on your organization’s Payments list without delay. As the others are solely declared, they will not be visible on your Upflow account before they are synced from your source solution.

If you are using Netsuite, this information can be written back there.

Last but not least, your Payments state is available on your transactions list as a column and a filter!

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