Reward early payers with a Discount

Offer a discount to your customers paying within a given delay after their invoices are issued and incentivize everyone to be over-punctual!

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❗This feature is only available for our Netsuite integration's users.
The discount rate can only be applied to online payments (Credit card, Direct debit).


Start with designating the line item from your connected solution you want the fees to be applied to from the Integrations menu of your Settings.

From there, jump to the Incentives menu and toggle the Early payment discount option. You can now set up the discount rate (in percent) you want to apply on invoices paid within a delay of your choosing (in days).

Don't forget to save!

Manage the feature from the same menu. Edit its details or disable it.

Last but not least, the feature is not enabled by default across all your customers.

Activate it for the accounts of your choice. It can be done at the customers’ level from the Payment section of their details.

💡 Enablement in bulk is coming!


Your clients will benefit from the discount on each of their invoice paid

  • from their Upflow Portal

  • with an online payment method (by card or direct debit via Stripe)

  • within the defined delay after its issue date

It is calculated as follows:

(1 - Discount rate) * Invoice amount


Imagine a 3% discount rate on a $10,000 invoice paid within the delay you defined.
Your customers will end up paying $9,700.

(1 - 3%) * 10,000
= 0.97 * 10,000
= 9,700

In practice

As soon as you activate the feature for a customer, the reward is retroactively applied to eligible invoices. Your customers can identify them on their Portal thanks to a % logo.

💡 Advertize the reward in your reminders!

A dedicated line is also added to their summary, adding up the money saved on selected invoices. This also applies to their Payment receipts.

An additional credit note is created with each discounted payment. It's applied to the right invoices.

Settings updates' impact

  • When you disable the option, discounts applied on open invoices disappear. Those already triggered will remain untouched.

  • New rules (new % or delay) are not retroactive. They apply from the moment you update your setup.


Credit notes created by discounts are pushed to your connected solution, without defining a revenue account. This is to avoid discrepancies between the tools you use internally!

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