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Filter your data, break down your widgets or segment, and intervene on your objects based on information our integrations do not natively pull from your source solutions: custom fields. Import them into your organization and tag your customers, payments, invoices, and credit notes for an improved experience!

Availability and management

❗Only customer custom fields can be imported from your source system and your CRM. Netsuite also allows an import at the invoice level.
An API connection also allows you to update your invoices.



Credit notes and payments






Sage Intacct

Stripe billing






In the Customer fields tab of your Settings, click on Add field and either search for an existing custom field or create a new one (multiple types available).

❗ You cannot push custom fields from Upflow to your source solution. Confirm they exist there before searching!

From the same section, you can:

  • Remove your custom fields (click on the cross next to their name)

  • Edit those created on Upflow (rename and update their values)

Don’t forget to save!


Your custom fields are now available. Review them in the dedicated sections of your

  • Customers details

  • Invoices details

  • Credit notes details

  • Payments details

You can additionally make them filterable columns of their respective lists and use them to filter or break down your Analytics dashboards and widgets.

❗ You can only update the values of those created in-app, the others being pulled from your source system.

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