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What language is used across Upflow?
What language is used across Upflow?
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Across countries and languages, dates and amounts have different formats. Using the wrong format may confuse your contacts and add friction to the payment process. This is why we offer different languages across the app, depending on the situation.

Your app language

Selectable in your settings, it allows you to choose between English (US), English (UK) or French (FR). It will impact all the data they see in the app, excluding the custom tags or the portal.

Custom tags language

When you use a custom tag like {carrying_invoice_due_date}, we look for the best format for your customer.

Indeed, you can have your app in English (US), but work with customers in the UK who could be confused by the 9/22/2023 date.

To do so, we rely on the customer's outstanding invoice currency and the following rules:

Date format: if there are only USD outstanding invoices...

...then we use MM/DD/YYYY...

...else we use DD/MM/YYYY

Amount format: if there are only EUR outstanding invoices...

... then we use 3 234,12€ format...

...else we use $3,234.12

The portal language

On the portal, we use the viewer browser location (en_US, en_UK, fr_FR). If the browser location is not supported, then it falls back to en_US.

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