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You wish to add call actions to your collection and make the calls directly from Upflow? It's possible!

1. Configuration

From your Settings > Calls section, enable the feature:

‼️ Your contacts phone number must use an international code to be called "+XX"

2. Call your clients

1. From your Actions list view, select a Call that's due, choose the appropriate contact, and click on "Call now".

For the first call, you will need to allow Upflow to use your computer's microphone to start the call.

2. If needed, you can choose another microphone source:

3. Once your phone call is done, hang up:

4. Before completing your action, don't forget to add a note to resume the call or any other information:

5. Finally, complete your call action by choosing the appropriate disposition:

3. Timeline

Here's what it looks like in your client's timeline:

→You can see the selected disposition under the call, such as "No answer" or "Voicemail".

4. Current Limitations

  • The recording or a transcript is not yet available.

  • No inbound calling: your clients can't call you in Upflow at this stage.

  • The calls are not yet available in the deliverability status in the Analytics.

  • The phone number can't be personnalized and is based in the US: +18332773290.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us!

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