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Profile and levels of access
Invite and manage your organization's users
Invite and manage your organization's users
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Welcoming new joiners, managing an internal reorganization, seeing a colleague being promoted or leaving the company... Structural changes also imply access evolutions. Ensure your organization is properly reflected in your teammates’ permissions on Upflow. Easily manage them from the Users section of your Settings!



Name & Email address

Handle displayed throughout the application (@mentions, assignments) and in reminder emails. Can be edited by the user only from their Profile section.

The address associated with the user’s profile — is used for login, receiving notifications, and sending reminders.

Role and position

Define a user’s access to the different parts of your Upflow organization.


Groups the user is part of. See our dedicated article.

Created at

The user’s creation date

Last visit

The last time the user logged into Upflow. Blank if never logged yet.


• Created: hasn’t received an invite and cannot log in yet.
• Invited: received an invite but never logged into their account.
• Joined: logged into their account at least once.

Search, filter and sort your users the way you do other Upflow lists.


You can take action on any user by clicking on the three dots next to their name.

💡 Rearrange your columns to see the information needed, as needed.

Possible updates

Roles & Positions

While Admins own your organization's configuration (workflows, users, integrations...), Members can only intervene on their profiles, review their accounts' information and execute actions assigned to them.

Beyond sharing admin rights, your organization's Owner is the only one who can transfer the ownership.

🟡 ☝️ Under certain conditions based on the position associated. More information below in the Positions section.

🟡 👉 Personal information (name / signature) can only be updated at a personal level from the Profile section.

Send planned reminders: only if you're the action's owner.

❗ Shall a user's address email change, they will need a new profile.
Create a new profile with the new address, reassign the clients to the new profile, remove the old one.


From their Homepage to the various Upflow lists, data displayed on the Account managers' end is limited to those of their assigned customers, if their Role is "Member".

Accountants and Finance users have more visibility. They can review all of your customers' information and use the Analytics dashboards account managers have no access to.

💡 Action owners only, regardless of their role and position, can see and complete actions.

Any roles can be designated as an action's owner. This results in the action appearing on its trigger date on all of the impacted users' clients for them to execute.

Finance users: all of your organization's members with this position
Account managers: all of your organization's members with this position assigned to the customer to contact.

💡 If the owner left the company and their account is no longer accessible, reach out to [email protected]. We will gladly help you fix this!

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